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You are unique and so are your learning habits, find out how you too can learn to sing or play your favorite songs on the guitar in record time with muzikclass, while having the time of your life. Get an exclusive invitation to learn this and more about how you too could be massively successful on YouTube and go on reality shows and live your dreams. MuzikClass is the place to be if you want to learn to play and sing your favorite songs

I want to be a Singer

So have you always wanted to sing and mesmerize people with your singing abilities? This is the skill you need to master to turn chairs, blow minds, and leave your audience speechless

I want to be a Guitarist

So have you always wanted to play the guitar? If you wanna grab someone's attention this is your instrument, the sexiest , most badass , instrument ever created by man.

My belief

Hi I am Abhi the Founder of MuzikClass, and I want you to know exactly what the team of MuzikClass believes. We believe the best song should win, the song sung with the right and true emotions are more awesome than tons of technique that doesn't convey a real emotion. We believe that ... Learn more...

Get to know me

My name is Abhi, and I love helping people like you live your childhood dreams of being a rockstar/ popstar. Over the years I've taught hundreds of students all around the world. Out of them, some turned out to be starting their own bands and sing for a living. .... Learn more...

Get lessons

Take a free intro lessons with me over skype and tell me what kind of songs do you want to sing or play on the guitar or both and ill show you exactly what you need do and custom build a plan for you to get there. Take this risk-free trial and allow me to show how you too could be singing and playing the songs you always wanted in record time... Learn more...

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